Glowing Garden

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Important Values


  • Trust

To me, trust is one of the most important values for both individuals and groups to have. Without trust, there would be no community. This is not only a key part of learning, but of life as well. Although trust can be hard to learn, the effort is worth it and kindness doesn’t have a price.

  • Creativity

Creativity is a value all of us have within, but we may be at different levels of discovering or showcasing it. All great discoveries come from ideas which make you think creatively outside of the box. Creativity gives depth to your personality, and once you begin to find that inside of yourself, it will not stop.

  • Family

The word “Family” can usually mean one of two things. Our  blood related family who provide the encouragement we need when we are close to giving up. They can cook us meals, and help us with homework. Then there is our friends who treat us like family, who we can fool around and have a laugh with, and later study hard and talk about serious things with. Both are essentials to feeling comfortable in your space. Without our families we wouldn’t have the encouragement to do what we want to do.